Our passion project was ignited 2 years ago in 2017, after having engaged with a local farmers group we saw firsthand the cry of our farmers. The absence of materials and equipment, low commodity prices and lack of basic infrastructures on the ground, forced a sudden realisation that our agri-economies in the Northern and Southern regions of Papua New Guinea were at a stalemate and needed immediate help. Challenges such as an ill equipped agri industry with unsustainable value chains and in most areas non-existent markets are what our smallholder farmers were forced to live with. The most alarming fact was that Papuan Arabica Coffee in both the Northern and Southern regions were found to be blended and being lost in the local mainstream, as well as the globe.

Whilst being more aware of the damages occurring in our environment and the ongoing problems that plagued our Land and our people, in both urban and rural areas, we felt that the agriculture industry needed a little push in the right direction. Creating and promoting a sustainable green business, was the only way to go and working towards growing a green inclusive economy, where we would be able to influence and move the country in the right direction, would be our dream. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to create a brand with a conscience and products that remained true to their origin, through sustainable practises along our value chain from ‘soil to product’ down to waste management.

IGP is here to make a change. Firstly, to produce sustainable products and services. Secondly, to bring sustainable Papua New Guinean coffee to the world. Thirdly to provide awareness based on the foundation and mindset of abundance, that there is always enough for everyone, without discounting smallholder farmers, without over exhausting the local commodity industries and with minimal impact on the environment that supports them.

Through IGP we wish to promote Papua New Guinea and the rest of the Pacific Islands to the world with our unique and bold flavours, whilst remaining true to our earth by giving back.

Let us continue to ensure that our Pacific Nations are sustained and preserved for Generations to come.
IGP Founders: Sisters Bessy, Dionne and Emma.