Afore, Northern Province the Home of the elegant Queen Alexandra Butterfly, is also the birth place of this exceptional Blend of Coffee! Our Prized Coffee is grown in Rich, volcanic fertile soil the Afore Plateau to produce this unique, vibrant and smooth blend of Coffee just Perfect for both Relaxing and Working environments.

Papuan Origins by IGP brings you Freshly roasted and packed premium quality, naturally grown coffee in a compostable & biodegradable Coffee pouches and capsules. Individually sealed to ensure freshness and Clean flavours.

From soil to cup our dedication to developing high quality coffee reflects our close attention to detail to ensure our coffee is carefully selected and roasted to perfection. With each Papuan single origin coffee we are able to celebrate the distinct flavours and characteristics of the amazing places, unique people and cultures we work alongside in the Southern and Northern Provinces of Papua New Guinea.



Pronounced and medium body with bright acidity.
Cocoa, Floral, spice, pineapple and dark chocolate (low intensity).
Chocolate, citrus, mango, bright acidity and medium body.